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Fulton County‚Äôs Office of Strategy and Performance Management was established in 2015 to develop a clear framework and path forward for the County‚Äôs direction over the next four years that is tied not only to the allocation of resources, but also to the collection and analysis of data to measure and manage organizational performance. Guided by the County's vision, mission and six priority areas identified by the Board of Commissioners, the team is responsible for integrating strategic planning, budgeting, and performance management to support the execution of the County‚Äôs strategic plan.


Fulton County is a positive, diverse community with a thriving economy, safe neighborhoods, healthy residents, and a rich quality of life that all people can enjoy. It is served by a County government that is recognized for being innovative, effective, efficient, and trustworthy.


To deliver efficient, high-impact service to every resident and visitor of Fulton County.

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