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The Administrative Division plans, coordinates and directs a broad range of services. Charged with a multitude of varying duties and responsibilities, the Administrative Division is a major contributor, who's vital services ensures that the Department runs smoothly on a daily basis.

Some of the items coordinated by the Administrative Division include but are not limited to:

Managing clerical services

  • Payroll
  • Receiving and the distribution of information
  • Incoming and outgoing correspondence
  • Record keeping
  • Purchase, storage and distribution of supplies
  • Contractural liaison
  • Project Management
  • Hiring and Recruitment
  • Departmental Statistical Reporting
  • Plans Departmental budget for contracts, equipment and supplies
  • Open Records Requests
  • Monitoring of the 9-1-1 facility to ensure it remains safe, secured and well maintained.
  • Ensures that the 9-1-1 facility meets Departmental standards and complies with County government regulations.