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Training Unit

The Fulton County Emergency Communications Training Unit provides support to 911 operations by providing in-service and comprehensive training of current and newly appointed 911 operators. The Training Unit works in concert with federal, state, and local training providers to deliver an array of training initiatives.

The Fulton County Emergency Communications Training Supervisor is tasked with the following objectives:

·Evaluate in-service training needs of the Department; recommend training courses, and scheduling employees for approved training.

·Develop training curriculum and lesson plans; recommend training methodology, administration, delivery, and oversight of the training program.

It is our goal to establish a comprehensive training program that will ensure that adequate training is completed delineated in the Agency Training Plan to achieve the following knowledge to perform position requirements at entry for all newly hired employees:

Phase I-Trainees will complete a 6-8 week in-classroom training curriculum which will highlight the most important functionalities of the job.

 Rules, regulations, policies, and procedures governing emergency communications;

 General map reading, interpretation principles and Fulton County geography, including jurisdictions and roadways.

 Methods and techniques used in receiving and transmitting radio and electronic messages accurately and calmly in emergency situations

 Methods and techniques used in operating state-of-the art communications equipment and systems, such as radio consoles, computer systems, and telephone equipment;

 Police, fire, and emergency medical codes, terminology, and service priorities;

 Federal state and local laws, ordinances, and requirements applicable to emergency communications.

Phase II-This phase will consist of on-the-job training, including a 90-day work test, in which trainees will perform job task, while the being monitored by supervision. During this time, there will be daily documentation in the form of a daily observation report, which will provide daily feedback to the trainee regarding their performance.

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