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Indigent Burials in Fulton County

Whenever any person dies in Fulton County, and the decedent family and immediate relatives are indigent and unable to provide for a decent interment, Fulton County through the Department of Family and Children Services will provide Indigent Burial assistance in the exact amount thereof to be determined by the Board of Commissioners.    

To apply for assistance, please contact:

DFCS Indigent Burial Coordinator – Ms. Susan Bailey

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

404-699-4387alt direct line

Southwest Service Center

515 Fairburn Road, SW

Atlanta, Georgia 30331


Additional information about indigent burial is available to you here.

Fulton County Indigent Burial Program Partners:

Fulton County Chaplain’s Office

Chaplain Clifton Dawkins

141 Pryor Street, S.W.

Atlanta, Georgia 30303

(404) 612-4365alt

Fulton County Clerk to the Commission

141 Pryor Street, S.W.

Atlanta, Georgia 30303

(404) 612-8200alt

Mutual Meadows/ Lakeside Memorial Gardens Cemetery

7780 Ono Road.

Palmetto, GA 30268

(770) 577-1364alt


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