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Fulton County Emergency Operations Plan (E.O.P) – The Emergency Operations Plan clearly and concisely describes the Fulton County’s Emergency Organization by assigning various emergency responsibilities to government departments. These government departments are known as Emergency Support Functions (ESFs) and are usually the most equipped to perform their assigned responsibilities.


Fulton County Pre-Hazard Mitigation Plan – The Fulton County Pre-Hazard Mitigation Plan forms the foundation for Fulton County’s long-term strategy to reduce disaster losses and break the cycle of disaster damage, reconstruction, and repeated damage. The planning process is as important as the plan itself. It creates a framework for risk-based decision making to reduce damages to lives, property, and the economy from future disasters.



Atlanta Fulton County uses CEMPlanner as a virtual solution to complete the planning process. CEMPlanner is a web based planning system that streamlines the planning process and allows the planning team to complete the process virtually.