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The transmission of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in correctional facilities presents a public health problem for correctional-facility employees and for inmates and the communities into which they are released. A primary reason for the high risk of TB infection and TB disease in correctional facilities is the disproportionate number of inmates who have risk factors for exposure to TB or, if infected, for development of active disease. These risk factors include infection with HIV, substance abuse, and being a member of a lower socioeconomic population that has poor access to health care.

With this in mind, Fulton County tries to strengthen collaborations among local, state, and federal correctional facilities by providing inmates with treatment for tuberculosis and/or monthly clinical visits to ensure progress toward completing treatment. Additionally, Fulton County has assigned liaisons with all three levels of correctional facilities in Fulton County; they communicate regularly with to facilities to access any questions or problems surrounding TB. Fulton County also monitors trends at the correctional facilities, over time, and document problems and solutions while using data to drive decisions on interventions.


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