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Food service establishments are defined as public or private establishments which prepare and serve meals, lunches, short orders, sandwiches, frozen desserts, or other edible products directly to the consumer either for carry out or service within the establishment. The term includes restaurants; coffee shops; cafeterias; short order cafes; luncheonettes; taverns; lunchrooms; places which retail sandwiches or salads; soda fountains; food carts; itinerant restaurants; industrial cafeterias; catering establishments; and similar facilities by whatever name called Environmental Health Specialists (EHS) are responsible for the regulation of establishments where food is served to the public.

Visitors and citizens often frequent the 5,000+ food service establishments in Fulton County and enjoy the cuisine without a thought of becoming ill. This possibility is greatly reduced because all food service establishments (restaurants) in Fulton County are permitted and inspected by our staff. Plans of all new establishments are reviewed and approved per the regulation requirements. Inspections assure proper sanitation practices that minimize hazards from cross contamination, improper cooking, handling and temperature maintenance of foods, potable water contamination, improper garbage and refuse disposal and poor insect and rodent control. EHS also investigates complaints concerning improper practices in food handling could lead to foodborne illnesses. All food service establishments must have a valid permit, proof of residency and a current license from this department to operate.

To find out more about the key revisions to the newly adopted food code and see the frequently asked questions, please use the link below: http://dph.georgia.gov/divisions-programs

Please link to the Restaurant/Food Establishment Inspections  for answers to frequently asked questions about the 2009 food code.

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In order to be as accessible as possible to our clients, Environmental Health Services has established an e-mail account for complaints and Freedom of Information Act Requests.

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