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Drinking Water Supply

Some areas of Fulton County are not served by a municipal water supply; therefore individual water supplies (wells) are used to provide a clean and healthy source of drinking water. Environmental Health Specialist (EHS) permit, inspect and collect bacteriological samples to ensure wells are properly located and constructed to minimize the possibility of sewage or other contaminants from entering the well and/or groundwater.

Drought conditions can result in lower water quality in the aquifer, the underground water source where your well water is drawn. When rainfall is less than normal, the aquifer is not ‚Äúrecharged‚ÄĚ and decreases in volume. Not only can the well eventually become dry, harmful contaminants can become more concentrated. We strongly recommend that well owners have their well water sampled at least annually and more often if contamination is suspected or confirmed. To schedule collection of a water sample from your well, please contact our district office where your property is located.

"Gray Water Usage" brochure

"Water Advisory Memo" for Water related Emergencies

"Application for Permit to Construct Onsite Drinking Water Supply"




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