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How will my distribution be made?

Termination of Employment or Retirement  If your employment with the County terminates for any reason (other than your death) or if you become disabled, you will be entitled to receive a distribution from your account. The amount of your distribution will be equal to your vested account balance, valued as of the date payment is made to you. Before the distribution can be made to you, you must submit an application to the Retirement Committee requesting a distribution. Then, the value of your account will be distributed to you in a lump sum as soon as practical after the Retirement Committee receives your request. If your vested account balance is $5,000 or less, the Plan may automatically pay your account to you.

If your vested account balance is greater than $5,000 at the time you separate from service or become disabled, you may elect to receive your distribution at any later time. Your benefit will be distributed as soon as possible after you file
your election letter with the Retirement Committee requesting your distribution. If you do not file an election specifying the time of payment, your benefit will be paid to you after you reach age 65. Benefit payments must begin no later than the April 1 following the calendar year
in which you reach age 701/2 or, if later, when you terminate your employment. Your benefit payment can also be “rolled over” directly to another employer’s retirement plan or an IRA. Contact one of the on-site Plan Representatives at 404-612-9048 if you are interested in a direct rollover payment.

Upon a determination that you are disabled as defined under the Plan, your account will become 100% vested and you may request a distribution of your account balance immediately. No other disability payments are made from this Plan.