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Fees for service of documents by the Marshal's Department that originate from the State and Magistrate Courts of Fulton County are as follows:

Effective April 1, 2018, some Marshal's service fees will increase:

  • Lawsuit - $50.00
  • Proceeding Against Tenant Holding Over - $35.00
  • Second Originals - Will be the same fee as the service fees for documents filed in Fulton County
Document Type Cost
 Lawsuit (per defendant)  $ 50.00    
 Garnishment (Garnishee 1st Service)  $ 13.00
 Garnishment (Garnishee,  after 2 attempts)      $ 25.00
 Garnishment (Service on Defendant)  $   6.00
 Proceeding Against Tenant Holding Over            $ 35.00
 Distress Warrants (per defendant)  $ 25.00
 Foreclosures (per defendant)  $ 25.00
 Mechanic's Liens (per defendant)  $ 25.00
 Subpoenas  $ 10.00
 Orders  $ 10.00
 Interrogatories  $ 10.00
 Civil Arrest Orders  $   5.00
 Backing Fee  $   5.00
 Levy Fee  $ 15.00
 Nulla Bona  $ 10.00
 Recording Fee  $   5.50
 Settling Fee  $ 10.00
 Bill of Sale  $ 10.00
 Deeds  $ 10.00

The Marshal's Department also serves documents with a Fulton County service address that originate from courts outside of Fulton County. These documents are referred to as Second Originals.  The service fee for a Second Original is the same fee as the service fee for a document filed in Fulton County.

The Marshal's Department  DOES NOT serve Superior Court documents from the following counties (these are served by the Fulton County Sheriff's Office):


You may mail your Second Original documents, along with payment, to our office for service.

Fulton County Marshal's Department
Attn:  Civil Process
160 Pryor St SW, Suite J-102
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

***Note:    The Marshal's Department  does not accept personal checks. Money orders, cashiers checks, certified checks, cash and business checks from a law firm are accepted. Do not mail cash.

The Marshal's Department does not process criminal FiFa's. Contact the State Court Criminal Records Division at 404-613-5085alt.

For a list of filing fees for State/Magistrate Court of Fulton County, refer to the State Court of Fulton County website: State Court of Fulton County Fee Schedule
Call The Cashier's Office at 404-613-5010alt with any questions about the fees.