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Text revised to incorporate amendments through May 4, 2016.

Cover Sheet

Table of Contents

Article I - Adoption
Article II - Purpose and Title
Article III - Definitions
Article IV - General Provisions
Article V - Agricultural District
Article VI - Single Family Dwelling Districts
Article VII - Multi Family Dwelling Districts

Article VIII- Office Institutional & Mixed Use Districts  
Article IX - Community Business and Commercial Districts
Article X - Industrial Districts
Article XI - CUP, NUP, MHP, SH Districts
Article XII-A Overlay District Authority
Article XII-B Sandy Springs Overlay District
Article XII-B(1) Perimeter Community Improvement District
Article XII-C Cascade Corridor Overlay District
Article XII-D Old National Highway Overlay District
Article XII-E Northeast Fulton Overlay District
Article XII-F Sandtown Overlay District
Article XII-G State Route 9 Overlay District
Article XII-H Northwest Fulton Overlay District
Article XII-H(1) Crabapple Crossroads
Article XII-H(2) Birmingham Crossroads
Article XII-J Chattahoochee Hill Country Overlay District
Article XII-K South Fulton Parkway Overlay District
Article XII-L Cliftondale Overlay District
Article XII-M Cedar Grove Overlay District
Article XII-M(1) Cedar Grove Agricultural Overlay District

Article XII-N Fulton Industrial Business District Overlay District

Article XVIII - Off Street Parking and Loading
Article XIX - Administrative Permits and Use Permits
Article XXII - Appeals
Article XXIII - Occupancy Certificate
Article XXIV - Plans and Inspections
Article XXVI - Interpretation, Conflict and Enforcement
Article XXVIII - Rezoning and Other Amendment Procedures
Article XXIX - Violation and Penalty
Article XXX - Validity
Article XXXI - Conflicting Resolutions Repealed
Article XXXII - Effective Date
Article XXXIII - Signs
Article XXXIV - Development Regulations

Appendix A - Inactive Articles