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get a rebate for installing low flow toiletsHas your water bill been getting higher? Do you hear the sounds of running water coming from your toilet or it runs all day and night? If the answer is YES to either of these questions then your household toilets may have leaks! According to the American Water Works Association, toilets account for 45 percent of all indoor water use in a typical residence.

So quit flushing money down the drain and take some simple steps to correct or replace your inefficient toilet today.

  • Leaks can be heard by the sound of running water but some leaks are silent and often go undetected for years. Discovering a silent leak is easy, put dye tablets or food coloring in the tank. Do not flush. If, after a half hour, colored water appears in the bowl, you have a leak.
  • Another easy way to check is to note the water level in the tank after flushing by making a pencil mark at the water line. After a few minutes, check the level. If it has dropped, you have a leak.
  • Was your home built before 1993? If the answer is YES then please take the time to apply for our Single Family ¬†Toilet Rebate Program administered by the Metropolitan North Georgia Planning District. You may be eligible to receive a $100 rebate on qualifying WaterSense labeled high efficiency replacement toilets in your home.

Owners of multi-family properties served by Fulton County water can learn more about our Multi-Family Toilet Rebate Program.

If you have more questions about checking for leaks, receiving dye tablets, or water conservation kits, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 404-612-8006.


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