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Highly Visible Pollutant Sources (HVPS) are simply sources of potential stormwater runoff and water quality problems that are easily seen on the outside of a commercial business or industrial location.   Inspectors are alerted to potential HPVS problems either by a citizen complaint or a fellow County employee's report.  
When potential problems are identified, an inspector will visit the site and conduct a thorough inspection, including:

  • Parking lot and property area for trash and debris/illicit discharges
  • Outdoor loading area(s) for trash and debris, storm drain proximity location(s), and visual inspection to ensure no spills/illicit discharge(s) of any type is observed
  • Trash receptacle area(s) for drain proximity location, trash and debris, lids covered, and adequate size and condition
  • Outfall inspection(s) to ensure no illicit discharges are observed, no obstruction and to ensure if outfall is in adequate condition
  • Outside storage inspection for storm drain proximity, to ensure all containers are labeled, in decent condition, have secondary containment or is ¬† covered ¬† or located in outside covered storage area
  • Vehicle maintenance, repair and storage area(s) to ensure no trash and debris, spills or runoff of any type observed, all containers used for storage and cleanup are labeled, covered and are in adequate condition

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