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Fulton County is a fast growing Metro Atlanta community with many commercial and industrial facilities.     Each of these businesses is a potential source of polluted runoff requiring compliance education.   The Water Quality Partners (WQP) program offers businesses an opportunity to receive positive recognition from the County for maintaining compliance with stormwater runoff regulations and for going above and beyond in their efforts to protect our water resources.  

The goal of the WQP program is for participants to develop an increased understanding of local water quality issues, pollution prevention strategies, and an increased sense of responsibility.   Through completion of the WQP program participants will view the community as a natural resource, to be protected and managed.      

WQP is a cooperative education effort.   Local businesses are invited to voluntarily participate in the program to help Fulton County protect local streams.   Resources about pollution prevention practices are available to participants that can be implemented to reduce or eliminate the problems.   When the impact of unregulated practices is revealed participants develop a sense of stewardship and understanding of personal responsibility for local ecology.    

The program is open to all commercial facilities and participants must meet compliance standards to be publicly promoted as a community partner.   WQP focuses on the following areas:

  • Housekeeping Practices
  • Maintaining Engineered Stormwater Controls
  • Maintaining Equipment and Vehicles
  • Maintaining Buildings and Pavement
  • Maintaining Landscapes
  • Site Design and Construction
  • Managing Waste
  • Education

Some additional activities that WQP facilities can implement include stenciling storm drains, recycling, installing rain gardens, and reducing lawn chemical usage.   Once the participant has successfully completed all the program requirements and the WQP has been approved by the County, the business is recognized as a Water Quality Partner that proactively protects Fulton County streams.              

WQP is a new program that Fulton County will utilize as a tool to encourage proactive water quality improvements.   The program promises to be an asset to Fulton County as an education tool, a community relations resource, and a method for helping to prevent further water quality degradation.

For more information:
Main: (404) 612-7400

*Modeled after Cobb County’s Community Partners for Healthy Streams program.


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