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Health Promotion

Health Promotion
265 Boulevard NE
4th Floor
Atlanta, GA 30312
Phone:  404-613-1243

Please link to view  “A look back 2011 and Feed Forward 2012.” http://youtu.be/BUCyYtEna1c

Vision:  The Office of Health Promotion envisions Fulton County being ranked number one in the Health Outcomes County Ranking System. (Currently ranked 24th)

Mission:  To encourage optimal wellness in Fulton County through evidence-based public health education and promotion strategies by setting fair and adequate baselines of care for all.

Fulton County health promotion is working towards a paradigm shift from sickness and disease to wellness and prevention.

1 Goals and Objectives
2 Cervical & Breast Cancer Awareness
3 Cardiovascular Health
4 Prevention of Unintentional Injuries in Kids
5 Diabetes
6 Smoke-Free Fulton County Coalition
7 Urban Gardening Workshops
8 Cardiovascular Health Initiative for Men
9 Health Promotion Advisory Coalition (HPAC): Photo / video gallery etc.

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