Corporations Praise Fulton County for Keeping the Fulton County Airport Up and Running During the Winter Storm | Print |

Executives at Home Depot and Coca-cola offered high praise and gratitude to Fulton County for keeping Fulton County Airport Brown Field operational during last week’s winter storm.

Home Depot’s Senior Director of Aviation said Fulton County’s efforts to maintain operations at the airport allowed the company to continue its flight schedule as planned. He also expressed gratitude to the County for helping clear snow debris from the company’s ramp and fuel farm.

The General Manager of Coca-Cola’s Corporate Aviation department said that there were not any interruptions in the company’s flight operations, thanks to Fulton County’s efforts at Brown Field.  

In addition to their work at Brown Field, Fulton County Public Works crews cleared snow and ice from more than 100 miles of road.  County employees worked to keep county facilities, including Jefferson Place, senior multi-purpose facilities and several health centers open to serve clients during and in the aftermath of the snow storm.