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Changes for South Fulton Cable Customers | Print |

Comcast’s Xfinity Cable service is switching cable to a digital signal in South Fulton.  This is part of a nationwide switch to digital service. Cable customers whose cable currently runs directly from the wall to their TV need to make some choices.

This change will not affect customers who use satellite dishes or access their television signal without cable.  Customers who already have digital cable on all of their TVs do not have to do anything.  Customers can tell if they have digital cable if they have a box. 

Customers who choose to do nothing will continue to receive channels 2 through 27 ONLY.  Their cost will not increase at this time.

The second option is for current analog customers to contact Comcast to switch to digital cable.  They will continue to receive all channels they currently receive.  Depending on the digital package they select, they may receive additional channels.  Customers who switch to digital cable will experience a cost increase for both cable service and for digital box rental.  They will need one box for each TV.

Customers who currently have one digital box but use analog service on other televisions will need to contact Comcast to receive additional boxes for other televisions if they desire to receive channels above 27.

Customers should contact Comcast directly for additional information. Customers whose questions are not fully answered after talking to Comcast may wish to contact their jurisdiction’s Cable Franchise Manager. For Comcast customers in unincorporated South Fulton, the contact number is 404-612-6456.


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