Atlanta Regional Commission Certifies Fulton County as a “Green Community” | Print |

The Atlanta Regional Commission has certified Fulton County as a “Green Community” based on its environmentally-friendly policies and practices.

According to ARC Director Charles Krautler, “In becoming a certified Green Community, Fulton County has demonstrated leadership in reducing its environmental impact by investing in programs that lead to a more sustainable community.”

The Fulton County Green Team played a key role in the certification process. The Green Team is an interdepartmental team established in 2007 to recommend environmentally-conscious policies and practices throughout Fulton County Government.

Key Fulton County green initiatives include a “lights out” campaign encouraging employees to power down equipment and lights in their workspaces, a no idling policy and emphasis on commute alternatives, and paper reduction strategies. Fulton County opened its first LEED-certified facility, the East Atlanta Library, in 2005. In addition, Fulton County has several other facilities and programs that emphasize green practices, including the new Johns Creek Environmental Campus project, a new partnership with Trees Atlanta, and several community garden projects.

“This certification is an indicator that we are living up to our commitments to environmental sustainability,” said County Manager Zachary L. Williams. “We are continually seeking ways to improve our green practices. It is good to know that we are heading in the right direction.”

Additional information is available on the Atlanta Regional Commission website.