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Fulton County’s Adamsville Health Center Receives Award from American Institute of Architects | Print |

Fulton County’s Adamsville Regional Health Center has been named as a recipient of a 2013 National Healthcare Design Award from the American Institute of Architects. Fulton County Vice Chair Emma I. Darnell, District 5, recognized the award with a proclamation presented at the October 3, 2013, meeting of the Board of Commissioners.

The 34,000-square-foot Adamsville Regional Health Facility, which opened in 2012, combines under one roof multiple clinics, a drop-in childcare facility, and a workforce center.  The facility is located on a 4-acre site and includes a community garden. 
The Adamsville Regional Health Center was designed by architect Betsy Beaman with the firm of Stanley Beaman & Sears, working with Fulton County’s Department of Facilities & Transportation Services and the Department of Health Services.  The project included extensive input from residents of District 5.


“Each time we see an example of the victory of the dignity of the human spirit, we are both inspired and encouraged,” said Vice Chair Darnell.

AIA has recognized the Adamsville Regional Health Center as one of 12 of the best healthcare designs in the United States, combining basic functional requirements of health care facilities while addressing sustainability, social responsibility, and urban integration.  Winning projects were selected by a jury consisting of The American Institute of Architects’ Academy of Architecture for Health members.

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is one of the nation’s premier professional organizations representing the architecture profession. The AIA’s Academy of Architecture for Health represents architectural professionals with specialized focus on healthcare industry design.


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