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Fulton County Water Resources: New Procedures for Master Water Meters Now In Effect | Print |

Fulton County’s Department of Water Resources has changed its procedures for issuance of master water meters, in accordance with a directive from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Environmental Protection Division (EPD).

Effective immediately, developers seeking master meters, issued for certain developments, must first obtain a permit from EPD to operate a public water system.  For regulatory purposes EPD defines a public water system as one which serves 15 or more connections, a population of 25 or more and sells the water. Developments which obtain their water through a master meter and resell the water to recoup costs and meet the above user thresholds qualify as public water systems.


In accordance with these new procedures, water customers within all new developments must be served directly by the Fulton County owned water distribution system or the development will be required to obtain an operating permit for a public water system from EPD in order to receive water from the North Fulton County Water System.

Private developments seeking service from Fulton County through a master meter should contact Mr. Lewis Hays, EPD’s Watershed Compliance Manager at (404) 463-4953 to obtain approval for water service. 

Developments not meeting Fulton County standards will not be accepted by Fulton County for ownership and/or maintenance. Fulton County is in the process of developing standards for water system design and installation in developments where non-standard roadways and infrastructure are proposed.


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