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Voter Education Available for Fulton County Residents | Print |

Voter Education is an essential non-partisan comprehensive approach to providing the citizens of Fulton County with vital information and data to enhance the voter experience. The Department of Registration and Elections regularly partners with civic, business and religious organizations to conduct voter registration drives. Groups interested in scheduling a drive can contact the Department of Registration and Elections by phone 404-612-7020 or by fax 404-730-7024.

Fulton County Voter Educators will be at the following community events:

September 13 – 8:00 am

Community Engagement - Atlanta City Hall, 55 Trinity Ave., SW, Atlanta, GA 30303

September 16 – 5:00 pm

Big Bethel AME Church Get Out the Vote Summit, 220 Auburn Avenue, NE, Atlanta 30303

September 17 – 10:00 am

Constitution Day - Herzig University, 3390 Peachtree Rd., NE, Suite 1003, Atlanta, GA 30326

“The efforts of Voter Education and Outreach are designed to increase voter awareness, confidence, trust and participation,” states Richard Barron, Director of Fulton Registration and elections. “Fulton County Voter Educators are available to provide information and answer questions well in advance of Election Day.”

The Voter Education Team is able to provide answers to questions such as:

  • Will my vote be counted?
  • Why is early voting so important?
  • Am I registered?
  • Can I vote at any location?
  • What do I need to bring with me to the polls?
  • How do I vote absentee? and
  • What's a provisional ballot?

“By providing information to as many voters as possible, we are able to reduce many of the issues that voters face while registering to vote and exercising their right to vote in the manner in which they choose,” states Barron.

For more information on voter education and the upcoming November Election, log on to www.fultonelections.com or call 404-730-7072.


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