Fulton County Cooperative Extension Offers Tips to Get Out of Debt | Print |

Too much debt can mean most of your income goes for debt payments instead of for current purchases and saving for future needs. Fulton County Cooperative Extension encourages residents to consider the financial guidance of experts from the University of Georgia (UGA) Cooperative Extension as they plan to tackle debt.

“We are one month into the new year which is a good time to follow through on the New Year’s resolution to tackle debt,” stated Menia Chester, Director of Fulton County Cooperative Extension. “Getting out of debt is a serious commitment that can result in long term benefits.”

According to Michael Rupured, M.S., AFC, Senior Public Service Associate and Extension Consumer Economic Specialist, at the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences & Family and Consumer Sciences, the first step to get out of debt is to understand what credit is and to assess our financial situation. The college has posted on-line publications to help residents tackle debt to ultimately be debt free.

The on-line information explains that there are good and bad uses for credit. When credit is used wisely, it becomes a valuable tool to help you reach other goals. You will also learn that not all credit is the same and that the most important considerations regarding credit are the repayment terms.

“We encourage people to log-on to the website to learn more about financial planning, understanding credit, saving and investing,” stated Chester. ”Being debt-free makes you more financially secure, allowing you to focus more on your financial future.”

Visit http://extension.uga.edu/family/finances/ for financial publications. Contact Fulton County Cooperative Extension at 404.332.2400 for more information about their programs.