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Judge Thrash Ends Consent Decree at Fulton Jail | Print |

Today U.S. District Chief Judge Thomas Thrash Jr. granted Fulton County’s motion to terminate the Consent Decree imposed in 2006 in the case Harper v. Fulton County.

Since the consent decree was first put in place, Fulton County has invested millions in improvements to the Fulton County Jail, including upgrades to hearing, air conditioning, elevators, backup generator system, plumbing upgrades, and replacement of cell locks. The Board of Commissioners has also provided funding to support staffing levels at the jail.  In addition, Fulton County launched Odyssey Case Management system to improve information sharing among justice partners, further enhancing operations at the Jail and the justice system as a whole.

‚ÄúThe judge‚Äôs decision reflects the hard work Fulton County staff have put in to improving conditions at the jail,‚ÄĚ says John H. Eaves, Fulton County Board of Commissioners‚Äô Chairman.  ‚ÄúThe County‚Äôs efforts to alleviate overcrowding and improve safety conditions for both staff and prisoners have been formally acknowledged, and for that we are extremely pleased.‚ÄĚ


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