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Fulton County Launches Fulco2Go App | Print |

Unveiling of Smart Phone Apps That Improves County Quality of Life

Fulton County Government is unveiling a new smart phone app, Fulco2Go, built by CitySourced. Fulco2Go allows residents to easily report basic traffic and code enforcement issues.  It also enables them to report animal control issues from their smart phones (by utilizing photo & GPS location) to be automatically sent to the appropriate Fulton County Department for resolution. Fulton County is excited to provide residents improved access to issue reporting and other helpful County information.

“Fulton County Government is committed to expanding digital services and e-commerce opportunities wherever they are available and make good sense.  The CitySourced app is a simple and effective way for residents to have their concerns about the communities in which they live and work, addressed and resolved in a quick and efficient manner.  Fulco2Go will help push Fulton County in its mission to be first in three areas:  impact, efficiency and service. We are thrilled to partner with CitySourced to further our commitment to making Fulton County First in 3,” said Fulton County Manager Dick Anderson.

The app was built by CitySourced, a Los Angeles-based company that represents the vanguard of the open government movement by leveraging the latest technologies to take the friction out of civic engagement in ways that optimize government resources.  In addition, CitySourced has been recognized with awards from IBM Smart Camp, AlwaysOn, TechCruch50, and others for innovations in service to the public sector.

"We are thrilled to support Fulton County’s App Launch efforts throughout the month of August to help drive product adoption and educate constituents on how easy it is to help make their County a better place to live,” said Jason Kiesel, Founder and Chief Architect of CitySourced.  “We developed CitySourced in order to streamline, prevent, and help predict the occurrences of basic traffic and code enforcement issues, while improving quality of life and public safety using mobile technology."

The Fulco2Go app is now accessible in the app store for both Apple and Android products.   In concert with the app launch, Fulton will feature a public send-off of “street teams” canvassing local businesses and public buildings to spread the word on the app launch and demo of Fulco2Go for County residents on Monday, August 3. Promotion of Fulco2Go will also be featured throughout the month of August in various Fulton County publications including social media, website and e-communications to residents.   It’s fast.  It’s easy.  It’s Fulco2Go.

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