Road Improvements, Traffic Safety Chief Among Concerns for Cascade Corridor Residents Discussing “The State of District 6” | Print |

Fulton County District 6 Commissioner Emma I. Darnell heard from Cascade Corridor residents of South Fulton during a Thursday, September 24, 2015 Town Hall meeting at the Southwest Arts Center.   They echoed the concerns of residents during a meeting last week at the South Fulton Service Center.  

Residents asked many questions regarding roadway improvements, sidewalks, traffic safety and barriers to smooth traffic flow.

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Commissioner Darnell emphasized that funding limitations would not allow the County to make  immediate improvements to all area roadways and provide additional sidewalks and traffic flow improvements; However, she promised that all attendees would receive a report regarding the timing of planned improvements as well as the status of additional improvement requests.

For more information, contact Commissioner Emma Darnell at 404-612-8222.