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Fulton County Commissioners Authorize Tax Commissioner to Waive Ad Valorem Fines | Print |

By a unanimous vote, the Fulton County Board of Commissioners authorized the Fulton County Tax Commissioner to waive penalties and interest accrued by county drivers after notices of the annual taxes were delivered late.   The resolution was sponsored by District 2 Commissioner Bob Ellis, along with co-sponsors, Fulton County Vice-Chairman District 1 Commissioner Liz Hausmann and District 3 Commissioner Lee Morris.

“The lack of a mailed notice does not relieve the obligation to pay the tag fees still due on your birthday,” says Fulton County Vice-Chairman District 1 Commissioner Liz Hausmann. “The Fulton County Board of Commissioners recognizes the confusion created to some taxpayers who did not receive the notice, and has acted to help relieve any additional burden caused by the late billing.”  

“I am pleased the Board took action to allow our taxpayers to be treated with equity and fairness,” said District 2 Commissioner Bob Ellis.

“And, hopefully this will let the residents know that we heard them and this will provide them with the relief that they deserve,” said District 3 Commissioner Lee Morris.

The move comes after the company under contract with the Georgia Department of Revenue for mailing pre-bills sent a letter on September 29, 2015 informing the State they would cease all business operations and file Chapter 11 bankruptcy.   As a result of the vendor's default, some pre-bills were not sent to motor vehicle owners whose registration renewals were due in October 2015.   Some motorists also reported the back-up vendor retained by the Georgia Department of Revenue mailed some pre-bills with return envelopes that did not show the complete address for the Tax Commissioner so that payment could be submitted but not received.

The resolution authorizes the Fulton County Tax Commissioner to waive penalties and/or interest, in whole or in part, upon motor vehicle owners meeting each of the following circumstances:

  • Included are motor vehicle renewals that became due beginning October 1, 2015, through and including November 30, 2015, in Fulton County, Georgia
  • The motor vehicle owner presents an Affidavit to the Tax Commissioner asserting that he or she either (a) failed to receive a pre-bill, or (b) received a pre-bill with a remittance envelope that failed to show the complete return address of the Tax Commissioner’s Office and as a result, the remittance was marked as undeliverable and returned to sender
  • Payment in full of the principal ad valorem tax and tag fee is received within sixty (60) days of the original deadline for such payment.

If the Tax Commissioner determines that there was reasonable cause for the late payment as described above, the Fulton County Department of Finance will refund to the motor vehicle owner the appropriate amount as determined by the Tax Commissioner.

For more information on the Office of the Fulton County Tax Commissioner, motorists can log onto the office’s website at www.fultoncountytaxes.org/motor-vehicles.aspx.


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