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Fulton County Announces Launch of “FulCoPub” | Print |

The Office of the Clerk of the Fulton County Board of Commissioners in conjunction with the county’s Information Technology Department announce the launch of the new Fulton County Public Access website.   The FulCoPub site serves as a web-based document repository to aid constituents and other users as they attempt to access historical archive data on Board of Commissioners’ resolutions and other documents dating back more than 4 decades.  

The new FulCoPub site simplifies access to Commission documents and allows greater interactive capabilities to users of the Internet Explorer browser, but most web browsers may also be used.   FulCoPub will allow users to have more efficient document searches, directing them faster to the information they seek.   Among the new functions helping searchers is a full interactive instruction manual to better direct them to the data they seek.  

Once users access the site, they will find a wealth of information at their disposal.   Once a search is done for a specific item or term, the data returned will include links to files and context of where keywords appear in relevant County Commission meeting documents.  

During live BOC meeting broadcasts, users will be able to watch a live video stream of the meeting including supporting documents regarding the current agenda item.   FulCoPub contains most Fulton County Board of Commissioners’ records dating back to 1972.   Future plans include publishing the entire BOC Record dating back to 1880.  

FulCoPub is created by SIRE Technologies, a subsidiary of Hyland Software Inc., and replaces the DocDepot system first implemented in 2004.   In its first year, that site had more than 5 thousand unique page views.   In 2014, those unique page views exceeded 3 million.   FulCoPub can be accessed via the following web address:  http://agendaminutes.fultoncountyga.gov.


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