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Fulton Board Adopts New Strategic Plan | Print |

Plan sets bold strategies for success in six priority areas

At its January 6 meeting, the Fulton County Board of Commissioners adopted a Strategic Plan, which lays out Fulton County’s strategies for success over the next three years.

The plan was developed with input from Fulton County employees and residents, as well as the Board of Commissioners, with targets in six key priority areas:

  • All People are Safe.
  • All People are Healthy.
  • All People are Self-Sufficient.
  • All People have Economic Opportunities.
  • All People’s Lives are Culturally & Recreationally Enriched.
  • All People Trust Government is Efficient, Effective and Fiscally Sound.

“This plan provides a framework to move forward with the work that Fulton County constituents seek now and in the future,” says Fulton County Board of Commissioners Chairman John H. Eaves.  “After talking to constituents, we took a long hard look at what issues and concerns they wanted and needed to see addressed.”

County Manager Dick Anderson said, “The new Strategic Plan will serve as our “playbook” in guiding Fulton County’s delivery of efficient, high-impact service to every resident and visitor of Fulton County.  Importantly, this plan documents Fulton County’s role as a catalyst for regional success, in addition to our role as a service provider.”

Chief Strategy Officer Anna Roach led the strategy teams that developed innovative, high impact strategies in the six priority areas . “The adoption of the strategic plan is a very exciting development for Fulton County.  Our team looks most forward to the performance management work that will flow from the adoption of the strategic plan, because the result will be greater accountability and transparency for citizens.”

In implementing the plan, Fulton County will launch a citizen-facing performance management system, providing regular updates about progress in the key strategy areas.  In coming months, residents will be able to monitor progress through web-based dash boards. Residents will also have opportunities to remain engaged in implementing the strategies.


Please find the adopted Fulton County strategic plan attached. 


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