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Fulton County Commissioners Approve Final 2016 Budget Key investments include Justice Reinvestment, Roads, Police Body Cameras, and More | Print |

At their January 20, 2016 meeting, the Fulton County Board of Commissioners approved a final 2016 budget. The $669 million General Fund budget will fund a range of services for citizens in six key priority areas.    

“Today was a great example of what can be accomplished when we set the right priorities. Budgets are never perfect and they are never easy,” said Fulton County Board of Commissioners Chairman John H. Eaves. “But what we achieved today ensures that our vital services will continue and the overall quality of life for Fulton residents will be enriched.”

The General Fund budget aligns budget priorities with the recently adopted Strategic Plan, as well as innovation and efficiency measures. Among these is   $5 million Justice Re-Investment Initiative which seeks to reduce the jail population, and to develop an integrated court system through a series of new programs. These funds represent approximately 2.5% of the total investment in the Fulton County Justice System. The Justice System as a whole equates to approximately 40% of the General Fund budget.

The 2016 budget also includes a number of investments to improve key infrastructure areas. These include allocations of $20 million dollars to capital improvements at Fulton County government offices and facilities; $6 million for IT Infrastructure, and $5 million for transportation projects in unincorporated Fulton County. In addition, the Budget allocates funding for evaluation and development of a plan to address a minimum “living wage” salary for permanent, full-time employees.

Commissioners also allocated funds to law enforcement in the unincorporated Fulton County through the South Fulton Tax District budget.   These dollars will pay for the salaries of 9 additional Fulton County Police officers and fund body cameras and police vehicle dash cameras.   In addition, the budget allocates funds for a new Parks Security program within the Parks and Recreation Department.

“We are pleased to present a budget that emphasizes outcomes for citizens instead of simply funding expenses,” says County Manager Dick Anderson.   “Our Board of Commissioners has demonstrated great vision in establishing a budget that will maximize impact in our six priority areas.”

For more information, visit Fulton County’s website at www.fultoncountyga.gov or connect with Fulton County government on Twitter at @FultonInfo or Facebook at /FultonInfo.


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