Fulton Tax Assessors' Office Issues 2016 Assessment Notices | Print |

The Fulton County Board of Assessors has mailed the Annual Notice of Assessment to property owners, dated June 10, 2016. Property owners should look for assessment notices in the mail in coming days.

The Board of Assessors encourages any owner that feels the value does not represent what the property would sell for on the open market to consider filing an appeal of the value. Appeals may not be based on the percentage or amount of increase. Georgia law allows appeals to be filed for value, uniformity or taxability only. Any information furnished with the appeal will be beneficial to the Assessors’ staff in reviewing the appeal and may lead to an early resolution of the appeal.

The final day to file an appeal is July 25, 2016. Any appeal not filed by the end of the 45 day appeal period cannot be accepted and appeal rights for 2016 will be lost.


The Board of Assessors encourages anyone choosing to file an appeal to do so online at the Assessors’ web site.

Filing online gives the appellant confirmation that the appeal has been received and allows access to the “Appeal Resolution Center” service offered by the Board of Assessors.

The Resolution Center allows the appellant to track their appeal’s progress as well as submit pictures, appraisals, and other documents to support their opinion of value and/or issues they feel should be taken into consideration by the Assessors’ office in the appeal process. Online appeals are faster, more convenient and offer the assurance that the appeal has been received and is being processed as well as the advantage of cost savings for the citizens of Fulton County.

Assessment Notices will be posted on the Assessors’ website within a few days after mailing. Any owner that does not receive their Notice within a reasonable time after June 10th should visit the website to review the notice on the parcel data page of their parcel. Also, notices that are returned undelivered by the post office will be listed periodically.

If you fail to receive a notice, and your notice is not shown on the data page of the parcel or on the list of returned mail, please contact the Board of Assessors at 404-612-6440 and the staff will be glad to assist.

Further information about the valuation and appeals process can be found on the website at www.fultonassessor.org.