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Fulton County Commissioners Approve Funds for Groundbreaking Criminal Justice Reinvestment Initiative | Print |

 Fulton County Commissioners, at their last meeting, authorized the spending of $1.2M of the $2.5M set aside for their newly approved Justice Reinvestment Initiative aimed at reducing the population of the Fulton County Jail while also implementing new groundbreaking procedures to streamline the process of adjudicating court cases and reducing recidivism.

A newly chartered Justice Coordinating Committee will work to achieve the following expected outcomes of the new initiative:

  1. Timely processing of cases
  2. Individual convicted of committing criminal acts are held accountable and have a low rate of committing new offenses
  3. Humane and appropriate treatment for those diagnosed as mentally ill
  4. Fair treatment for all who interact with the justice system
  5. Savings of  $4-8 million, which would be available for continued support of the Reinvestment Initiative

Key elements of the initiative include expansion of the number of enrollees in State Court’s DUI Court, reduction of case backlogs in Superior Court, Magistrate Court, the Solicitor General’s Officer, expansion of the number of partners in Juvenile Court programs and reconciliation of duplicated records in the Superior Court Clerk’s E-File records (Odyssey).

The Criminal Justice Reinvestment Initiative continues improvements made by the County over the past ten years. The justice system has implemented a series of reforms including improved case management, monitoring of inmates awaiting trial, competency restoration programs, and anti-recidivism efforts. These efforts have made a significant impact, helping to reduce the jail’s average daily population by nearly 20% – from 3,097 inmates in 2005 to 2,505 inmates in 2014. Over the same period of time, both violent and property crime rates dropped by 6.3% and 9.1% respectively.


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