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Commissioners Approve Updated Personnel Policies and Procedures by 5-1 Vote | Print |

At its October 19, 2016 meeting, the Fulton County Board of Commissioners voted 5-1 to implement changes to its longtime personnel policies that govern human resources issues. The Board was presented with more than 60 changes to the County’s personnel policies during its October 5, 2016 meeting. The updates are part of the County’s overall goal to ensure that Fulton County’s policies and procedures are aligned with employment market “Best Practices,” federal and local laws focused on outcomes and aligned with the County’s strategic goals.  

“The approximately 5,000 employees who work for Fulton County are our most valuable asset and are the reason we are recognized as a leader in the state,” said Fulton County Chairman John H. Eaves.  “These updated personnel policies will offer workers and managers key incentives clearly spell out expectations and provide a chance for our workforce to engage in their future.”    
The Fulton County Personnel Department, the County Attorney’s Office and an internal Policy Review Committee consisting of elected officials, department heads and employee associations groups began reviewing the policies and procedures several months ago.   Some of the Personnel Department’s key policy and procedural changes include:
• Lays the frame work to allow the Personnel Department to design a “Pay for Performance” compensation philosophy that will encourage employees to perform at their peak levels in service delivery to our citizens and be compensated fairly for their contributions;  
• An ability to address internal pay equity issues to ensure fair pay within the workforce (prior to potential litigation);
• Offering retention bonuses and on-call pay to key talent in critical positions;  
• Continuing to focus on ensuring that Fulton County has a diverse and inclusive workforce;  
• Allow telecommuting for some positions to give staff greater work-life balance and flexibility;
• Simplifying steps for employees and managers and clearly articulating expectations so that both are held accountable;  
• Updating all policies and procedures to comply with federal and local statutes;
“An update of our personnel policies is something that is much needed,” said Fulton County District 2 Commissioner Bob Ellis. “This should serve as an incentive to ensure that we are in compliance with employment laws and have procedures which allow our managers and supervisors to work in a way that allows them to do their work effectively and not be hindered by unworkable procedures and also reduce the risk of costly employment litigation.”
“Change is never easy; however, it is necessary to ensure forward movement,” said Fulton County Personnel Director Kenneth L. Hermon, Jr.  “The Board of Commissioners’ approval today to revamp the Personnel Regulations is a testament to the forward movement of the County.  These new policies and procedures will empower managers to provide new opportunities to increase the engagement of the workforce.  With the Board’s approval today, I see the County poised to become the public employer of choice, for millennials to baby boomers, as well as the County being bestowed the distinction of ‘best public employer’ by local and regional organizations.”
The Personnel Department’s efforts were also part of a goal to make Fulton County Government one of the Top 50 Best Places to Work in Atlanta.  This effort to revamp the County’s policies is part of initiative entitled “Fulton County Human Resources Agenda” and has a number of goals focused on policy, employee development, compensation, recognition, and employee engagement.  

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