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Fulton County Office of Aging Encourages Seniors to Be Ready for Potential Winter Inclement Weather | Print |

The Fulton County Office of Aging and the Atlanta Fulton County Emergency Management Agency (AFCEMA) encourage seniors and their caregivers to be prepared for potential ice and snow.   Recommendations from Aging and AFCEMA include advising seniors to develop a network of neighbors, friends and relatives who can assist them in the event that local weather conditions include ice, snow and subfreezing temperatures. Seniors should avoid extreme or inclement weather conditions. They should also keep handy a contact list of people and agencies that they can contact if they need emergency assistance.

Senior citizens are advised to:

  • Make prior arrangements with their physician or check with their oxygen supplier about emergency plans for those on respirators or other electric powered medical equipment.
  • Secure electrical backup for medical equipment. Have batteries and flashlights readily available.
  • Develop a back-up communications plan in case landlines are disrupted by having a charged cell phone.
  • Maintain a two-week supply of medications, both prescription and non-prescription.
  • Have copies of medical records, prescriptions and medical supplies readily available.
  • Have contact lenses, extra eyeglasses and batteries for hearing aids ready to go.
  • Include service animals and pets in all plans.
  • Plan for transportation in case they need to change housing due to power interruptions or other emergency conditions.

For additional winter weather preparedness information, seniors and their caregivers can visit www.fultoncountyga.gov    or follow us on Facebook at Fulton County On Facebook   or Twitter at http://twitter.com/FultonInfo.   If you are a Fulton County resident and a Comcast customer, tune to Channel 23 for up-to-date information.   If you are a City of Atlanta Resident, tune to Channel 21.

For additional winter weather preparedness information, seniors and their caregivers can visit the following website:




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