Fulton County Commissioners Approve Plan Addressing Juvenile Crime | Print |

By a 6-1 vote, the Fulton County Board of Commissioners approved a Juvenile Crime Prevention Comprehensive Plan, providing a framework for addressing juvenile crime in our communities.  The move comes as the region continues to look for new solutions to disrupt a recent string of crimes involving suspects under the age of 18.  The total package will have the county committing $2.5 million in funding to several different programs and initiatives.

“Let’s move full court press to tackle the problem of juvenile crime,” said Fulton County Commission Chairman John Eaves one of the proposal’s co-sponsors.  “The money will be used to enhance law enforcement, the juvenile justice system and workforce programs. I expect to see some real results by the end of this year.”  

The initiative seeks to combine tougher juvenile crime enforcement with the pre-adjudicatory tracking of alleged juvenile offenders.  

“I believe this is a piece of the puzzle as we work toward a comprehensive plan that targets how the county will deal with at-risk youth and adjudicated youth,” said District 5 Commissioner Marvin S. Arrington, Jr., one of the measure’s co-sponsors.

The package includes approximately $1 million in funding for crime prevention programs specifically attempting to reach young people in Fulton County.  These efforts would include additional partnerships with public schools in the City of Atlanta and Fulton County as well as jobs programs in the County.  

“The Plan reflects the message we have received from taxpayers: Put the bad guys IN jail - keep the good guys OUT of jail,” said co-sponsor District 6 Commissioner Emma I. Darnell. “Disrupt the pipeline from the school to the jail – and do it now!”

The proposal would fund a multi-jurisdictional “slider” task force managed by the Fulton County Police Department.  This group will utilize an existing network of officers throughout the metro area and provide law enforcement with additional technology to help track suspected car thieves, also known as “sliders.” Officers will receive alerts in real time including detailed offender information such as known associates and possible gang affiliations.  

The plan will also have the county committing the resources to fund the creation of a Community Custody and Transitory Mobility Restriction Unit (CCTMR).  This unit, based in Fulton County Juvenile Court, would enhance the current initiatives to ensure additional monitoring and compliance for youth.