Fulton County sends over 45k confirmation notices to voters | Print |


Over 45,000 registered voters who have submitted a National Change of Address (NCOA)  Notice to the U. S. Post Office during the last 2 years will be receiving Confirmation Notices from the Fulton Department of Registration and Elections to confirm their current addresses. Recipients will have 30 days to return their confirmations or risk having their voter status changed to “Inactive”.

According to state guidelines, voters are to receive a Confirmation Notice if:

  • first class mail sent to the voter from the department was returned undelivered
  • the voter has not contacted the Fulton County Registration office or voted for three (3) consecutive years or
  • the voter’s address in the voter registration file does not match the National Change of Address (NCOA) database

“In keeping with state guidelines, we are sending the notices to registered voters who have moved within the county over the past 2 years and did not update their voter registration information when they moved,” stated Richard Barron, Director of Fulton County Registration and Elections. “Only residents who completed a COA form will receive a letter.”

The Registration Department receives the list of voters needing to get a Confirmation Notice from the  Secretary of State's office  and is required to mail out notices every other odd year based on the criteria listed above. “In total, we are sending 48,954 notices and we encourage everyone who receives a notice to validate the information and return it  to make sure their registration information is updated,” stated Mr. Barron.

A postage paid envelope is being provided for voters to return their notices. Call the Fulton County Registration Department at 404-612-3816alt for more information.