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Johns Creek Reuse Water Main Update | Print |

Fulton County is in the midst of the Johns Creek Water Reuse Main project, as part of an effort to upgrade water treatment and reuse water capacity in North Fulton. During the project work, several area roadways in North Fulton are affected. Fulton County is working with its contractor and local municipalities to ensure that all affected roadways are left in better condition than they were originally.

The project contractor, Reynolds Construction, is currently ahead of schedule and continues to work at times to avoid high traffic and school traffic. The contractor, is utilizing 3 crews to expedite the installation of the Johns Creek Reuse Water Main. Reynolds is anticipating completion of Phase 1 and Phase 3 with paving by the end of August 2017.

Phase 1
Work from reuse water main tie-in on Old Alabama Road through County Club of the South Golf Course and Home Owners Association to County Club of the South Homeowners Association Maintenance Entrance and along the deceleration lane on Barnwell Road.

Please note that some areas of Barnwell Road will be repaired on Monday August 7.

Installation completion target – August 23

Phase 2
Barnwell Road
Work along Barnwell Road from where Phase 1 ended on Barnwell Road to the intersection of Barnwell Road and Holcomb Bridge Road.

Installation Timeline – September through November

Holcomb Bridge Road
Work along Holcomb Bridge Road from Johns Creek Environmental Campus to Barnwell Road
Installation Timeline - September through November

Phase 3
Boles Road
Work from proposed tie in to existing reuse outfall main which crosses Abbots Bridge Road south of Woodward Academy going north through Woodward Easement to Boles Road and along Boles Road to tie-in to existing reuse system at the round-about at the intersection of Bell Road and Boles Road.

Installation completion target – August 31


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