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Fulton County Public Works Update on Road Closures in South Fulton County | Print |

Fulton County Public Works continues to work around the clock to clear debris from roads in South Fulton County. Several roads have been closed due to trees in power lines and trees down that are blocking travel.

According to David Clark the Director of Fulton County Public Works, the department is working closely with the City of South Fulton, Fulton County Police and Fire as well as Georgia Power, to address the downed power lines, specifically those wrapped in trees.  

Streets that have been closed or are unsafe for drivers to travel are listed below:

  • Flat Shoals @ Hidden Brook
  • Flat Shoals @ Mallory Road

(Flat Shoals is open but the power is out on Flat Shoals Road and Old National Hwy)

  • Oakley Road @ Graham Road

(Barricade up at Oakley/Fayetteville & Graham

power lines down)

  • Creel Road @ West Road

(Creel Road at West Road is not blocked however there is no traffic light there; 4 way intersection)  

  • Stonewall Tell (Hazeltine Dr. and Holly Brook Rd)

(Power lines down on Stonewall Tell Road)  

  • Fairburn Road @ Thaxton Road

(Fairburn Road at Thaxton Road is blocked)                      

  • Welcome All @ Kendrick Place ¬†

(Welcome All & Will Lee Roads a tree and power lines are down)

  • Buffington Road & Buffington Place

(Road blocked, a tree is down and power is out)  

For additional information about road closures caused by Tropical Storm Irma, contact the Fulton County Department of External Affairs, Communications Division at (404) 612-8303alt or call Jessica Corbitt, Director of Fulton County External Affairs at (404) 713-5990alt.        


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