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The Water Services Division of Public Works continues to include water distribution, wastewater collection, water reclamation, water supply, stormwater management, and public education.

Our mission is to protect the health, safety and welfare of Fulton County’s citizens through systematic planning, construction, maintenance and operation of the water, wastewater and stormwater infrastructure in the most sustainable, efficient and environmentally sound manner.

Water Resources is comprised of three sections:

Technical Services - Responsible for managing capital improvement programs related to water and sewer, and providing engineering support. Also responsible for intergovernmental agreements, management information systems, geographic information systems, review of water and sewer permit applications, and public education and outreach.

Water System Maintenance - Responsible for water distribution system maintenance, backflow and cross connection control, stormwater, Atlanta-Fulton County Water Resources Commission, the Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District asset management, vulnerability assessment, long range planning, and audits.

Water Reclamation and Wastewater Collection - Responsible for the operation groups in the division, including water reclamation, commercial pretreatment, industrial monitoring, sewer system maintenance, capacity management, operations and maintenance program (CMOM), laboratory section, and safety.

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