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The Fulton County TB program has continued to strengthen its’ partnership with the community in the march towards a TB-free Fulton County. Within the past 2 years, the program has created the environment to directly collaborate with Fulton Homeless community in fighting TB among the homeless. This partnership is in the form of the Metro-Atlanta TB task-force which meets monthly to forge plans and strategies to tackle TB among the members of this under-served population. The collaboration has provided an opportunity for the community to engage and participate actively in the TB outbreak control, increase awareness of TB symptoms and risk factors among the shelter providers/staff and actively decrease the time between symptom onset and referral to the health department among the homeless. As a result of these, the proportion of homeless persons with TB in Fulton County has decreased significantly from 56% in 2014 to 25% in 2016.

The Fulton County TB program, in an effort to engage more with its community, started an annual Fall Health fair which is targeted at providing TB, HIV and Syphilis as well as free Flu shots to its community members. At the 2016 fall health fair held at the Renaissance Park in downtown Atlanta on November 5th 2016, a total of 127 persons were served among whom 34 persons received free TB screening, 38 were screened for HIV, 24 were screened for Syphilis (RPR) and 32 Flu shots were given. This fair provided an opportunity to the Atlanta Downtown residents, especially the unsheltered homeless persons living in the streets/parks, to go into the winter months aware of their health status and educated on TB risk factors and symptoms.  


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