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Storm Drain Marking & Adopt-A-Drain | Print |

colorful round disk with The Storm Drain Marking program provides a method for informing the public that everything that enters a storm drain flows untreated into a nearby waterway.

By gluing colorful disks with the message “Keep It Clean – Drains To River” onto the storm drain inlets we can inform the community that storm drains are not the place to dispose of trash, yard clippings, motor oil, pet waste, or any other debris.

What would you have to do?
Volunteers will glue the colorful markers onto the tops of each storm drain in their neighborhood as a reminder not to dump anything into the drains, picking up any litter discovered as they walk from drain to drain.

Safety Note: Watch out for cars! Always be aware of passing vehicles when walking in the street and walk against the flow of traffic. And don’t forget to wear the highly fashionable safety vests loaned to you in the Storm Drain Marking supplies provided by the County!

The Adopt-A-Drain program goes hand-in-hand with Storm Drain Marking. When litter and leaves accumulate atop storm drain grates or in the mouth of the drain, storm water can back up into the street, causing flooding. Not to mention the debris that washes into the drain ends up in our local waterways, clogging our stream and rivers with decaying yard waste and trash.

What would you have to do?

Volunteers would check their adopted drains on a regular basis for debris build up, especially when rain is predicted, and then simply remove any debris from the storm drain openings or grates. Litter can be placed in your regular trash and plant materials can be bagged for your yard waste pick up or composted with your lawn clippings and food scraps.

Safety Note: Never attempt to enter a storm drain, even if you see a lot of debris clogging the drain inside. Please report the problem to our trained maintenance staff at the number below if you have a storm drain that is already clogged inside.

These fun and easy programs are perfectly suited for the individual or group that would like to spend just a few hours making a big difference. The Department of Water Resources will provide all the necessary supplies needed for the program to residents of unincorporated south Fulton County.

For more information call (404) 612-7400.

volunteer cleaning a storm drain


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