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Goals: Utilizing comprehensive approaches to prevention and awareness of chronic diseases which includes engagement of individuals and communities across the continuum of stages of behavior change.  Creating a tobacco free atmosphere for Fulton County residents.  Collaborating with community partners and agencies to identify and acquire external resources for health promotion programs and activities.  Implementing a multifaceted employee wellness program to promote and improve the health of Fulton County employees.

Objectives:   The Health Promotion Division works to inform, educate and empower Fulton County residents by providing the following services.

The leading cause of death in the United States Are:

Fulton County Georgia United States
 Heart Disease  Heart Disease  Heart Disease
Cancer Cancer Cancer
Stroke Stroke Stroke
Unintentional Injury Chronic Lung Disease Chronic Lung Disease
Chronic Lung Disease Unintentional Injury Unintentional Injury
Kidney Disease Dementia Dementia
Dementia Kidney Disease Diabetes Mellitus
Septicemia Influenza & Pneumonia Influenza & Pneumonia
Influenza & Pneumonia Diabetes Mellitus Kidney Disease
Diabetes Mellitus Septicemia Septicemia

Cardiovascular Health

    • Nutritionwe offer workshops/ sessions on tips and facts on making healthy food choices. The session offers how to interpret the Food Guide Pyramid and the Nutrition Facts
    • Physical activity
      We offer physical activity sessions to the Fulton County residents. The benefits of regular physical activity in preventing chronic disease have been reported widely. Regular physical activity can also help manage the symptoms of chronic disease and improve quality of life.

    • Blood Pressure monitoring¬†
      We train community health workers to take an active role in the community. Training sessions are available for community members who are interested to monitor blood pressure in their community.

    • CPR Classes
      CPR classes are offered to the Fulton County residents. If you are interested to attend the session, call us for more details

Fulton County tobacco free efforts

    • Our tobacco control program strives to eliminate exposure to second hand smoke through education and policy promotion

Breast & Cervical Program

    • The goals of the program are to increase early detection of breast and cervical cancer by increasing preventive health knowledge and behaviors and facilitate access to health care and insurance.

Asthma resources

    • In Fulton County, asthma is the most common reason for children to be admitted to the hospital. We offer workshops / sessions on tips for avoiding respiratory "triggers" that set off an asthma episode and details the efforts by the Fulton County Program for Asthma Control (PAC)

Prevention of Unintentional Injuries in Kids

    • Safe Kids Coalition focuses on a number preventable health issues from motor vehicle crashes, drowning, and firearms.


    • Fulton County has services to assist you to understand and manage diabetes related complications.

Urban Gardening Workshops

    • Are you interested in starting a community garden? Call us for more details.

Cardiovascular Health Initiative for Men

    • The goal of the Cardiovascular Health Initiative for Men is to raise awareness of preventable health problems, recognize health conditions early and identify strategies to maintain and improve men‚Äôs health.


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