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It is the responsibility of the Fulton County Department of Registration & Elections to vigilantly maintain the accuracy of voter rolls, which consist of nearly 700,000 electors.  Georgia state law provides for procedures for verification of voter addresses in order to ensure that voter rolls are current and accurate. Fulton County recently followed up on a request made by the Georgia Secretary of State’s office to investigate certain registered voter addresses that had been identified as having been demolished.  One of those addresses was 435 E Joseph Lowery Blvd., SW, Atlanta. 

Following the procedure outlined in Georgia Law (O.C.G.A. Sec. 21-2-228), the Fulton County Department of Registration & Elections notified voters at 435 E Joseph Lowery Blvd., SW, Atlanta of an upcoming hearing at which they would have the opportunity to verify that their address was accurate and current.   In the meantime, a further review confirmed that all addresses at 435 E. Joseph Lowery Blvd. were accurate and current, since a new senior living development located at that address (The Atrium at College Town) has the same address as a previous property at that address that was demolished.  Upon confirmation of this information, all registered voters at that address were mailed a subsequent notice informing them that they would not need to attend a hearing to confirm their address.

Samuel Westmoreland, Director of the Fulton County Department of Registration & Elections, stated, “We certainly regret any concern and  inconvenience caused to the residents living at 435 E. Joseph Lowery Blvd., SW.  I extend my most sincere apology to each of them.”  It should be noted that during this same process, additional addresses throughout Fulton County received similar letters.  Of those, many were found to be unoccupied properties, including numerous demolished properties that are now vacant lots which will likely cause 1,207 improperly registered individuals to be ultimately eliminated from the rolls.   Westmoreland added, “An accurate and current voter registration roll is the cornerstone of a fair election process. We are pleased to have the opportunity to correct the rolls in cases where addresses were found to be inaccurate.”