Fulton County Animal Services Cautions Citizens to Be On the Look Out for Two Dogs Involved in an Attack on Two Citizens in the Carver High School Area | Print |

On October 7, 2013, Fulton County Animal Services responded to the Atlanta Police Department informing them of an attack by two Rottweilers on two citizens near the area of 55 McDonough Boulevard Atlanta, GA. The dogs were last seen to be headed towards Pryor Street and the Villages at Carver YMCA area.

The Animal Control Officer on the scene was patrolling the area when he received notification by the Atlanta Police Department that the incident had occurred on the baseball field at Carver High School.

“At this time, the dogs have not been captured and our Animal Control Officers will be setting traps in order to capture the animals”, states Lara Hudson, Executive Director for Fulton County Animal Services. “We are also patrolling the area and are asking citizens to be cautious and under no circumstances approach these animals if they encounter them.”

The victims of the attack are currently receiving medical attention at Grady Hospital.