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In an effort to be first in efficiency, service, and impact, Fulton County is asking for residents' feedback in a citizen survey that is part of its "Fulton County First in Three" strategic planning process.

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Fulton County is committed to making sure that management activity focuses on a series of priorities to ensure employees and county residents are working toward common goals for the betterment of the county.

The initiative is designed around three key steps:

• Select citizen-focused indicators to monitor the County's progress towards achieving its six strategic priorities.
• Identify and "map" the key evidence-based factors that lead to those outcomes.
• Choose the proven/promising strategies that to County should pursue to achieve those outcomes.

Fulton County has identified six priorities: all people are healthy, all people are safe, all people are self-sufficient, all people have economic opportunities, all people are culturally and recreationally enriched, all people trust government is efficient, and financially sound. The county seeks to address each of these priorities with the help of citizen input.

All residents who are interested in telling the county how they truly feel about its' services are asked to complete a survey available on the Fulton County Government website at http://survey.fultoncountyga.gov. The survey takes approximately five minutes to complete.

"We want to make sure that we hear from the people we serve," says County Manager Dick Anderson. "It's important that residents know that their input matters to us."

For more information on this initiative, you can contact the External Affairs Department at (404) 612-8300.


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