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Fulton County Commissioners Change Process for Selecting Vice-Chairman | Print |

ATLANTA – Fulton County Commission Chairman Robb Pitts sponsored a resolution to change the Board of Commissioners’ annual procedure for selecting a Vice-Chairman.  At their January 24, 2018 meeting, the Board passed the resolution that calls for the board member selected to serve as Vice-Chairman to be chosen from the members of the Board of Commissioners on a rotation based on seniority. If two or more board members are of equal seniority, the selection would then be made based on the numerical order of their respective districts.  The goal of the plan is to provide an opportunity for the maximum number of Board members to serve in leadership. 

The position would also alternate so that no board member would serve a second year as Vice-Chairman until all members have served at least one year.  The Board had previously selected a new Vice-Chairman at its first regular meeting in January of each year by a majority vote.  Under this plan, the new Vice Chairman would still take office at the first January meeting of each calendar year, but their selection would follow this new procedure.  The Vice-Chairman is authorized to preside at meetings of the Board of Commissioners in the absence of the Chairman and to fulfill the duties of the Chairman in the event of the Chairman’s position becoming vacant.


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