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The Fulton County Department of Health and Wellness Partnerships to Improve Community Health (PICH) Program was created through a cooperative agreement between the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Fulton County Government in September 2014. The PICH Program supports the implementation of evidence-based strategies and initiatives with the goals of reducing health disparities, lowering the incidence of chronic disease and promoting healthier lifestyles throughout Fulton County. To achieve these goals, the PICH Program is working in partnership with community, government, education, healthcare, corporate, faith-based and non-profit organizations in the areas of active living, healthy eating, tobacco-free living and walkable, livable communities.


Active Living
The PICH Program is working with its Active Living Program partners to increase the number of Fulton County residents with access to physical activity opportunities, especially students in K-12 schools; members of faith-based organizations; and children and adolescents supervised by outside-of-school care providers, through the creation of physical education programs and wellness policies.

Healthy Eating
The PICH Program is working with its Healthy Eating Program partners, including schools and early care centers, to promote good nutrition by helping to increase access to environments with healthy  food and beverage  options for all persons affected by food deserts and obesity in identified high-risk areas.

Tobacco-Free Living
The PICH Program is working with its Tobacco-Free Living Program partners to implement evidence-based, cost-effective strategies that discourage tobacco use, reduce second-hand smoke exposure and promote smoke-free policies in public areas.

Walkable, Livable Communities
The PICH Program is working with its Active Living Program partners to encourage the design of communities and public areas in which people of all ages and abilities can walk, bike, ride transit and drive safely.


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